Our Services

Our mission is finding the perfect solution

Our Services

Our mission is finding the perfect solution

Dorner Building GmbH offers you besides a detailed consultation also lots of attainments.

We are pleased to execute also not-daily demands. Our locksmith-company works with high-quality materials, so that we can guarantee a technical thoroughly and carefully examined service.


With a pressing force of 110 tons and a
bending length of 3.000mm we can bend various materials into all desired shapes.

Laser cut

Through a selection of partners, laser parts up to 20mm are lasered in all imaginable shapes at short notice.


Whether round, rectangular, square or oval, whether carrier or solid material, we cut everything up to a diameter of 340mm into your desired length.

Clip, Laser cut, Mill, Saw, Weld...


With a working range of 1050x350x500mm (x/y/z) we machine all cuttable materials according to your wishes. We drill holes, cut threads and mill steps.


Up to 8 mm and 3.000 mm length we cut anything you want.


Whether MAG, TIG or electric welding, with our state-of-the-art equipment we achieve perfect welding results and maximum welding quality. Our welders work according to the EN 1090 standard. We weld components with a maximum weight of 3,000kg.

Forging - Drifting

Describe us your wishes and we bring glowing metal in form. We design sketches and then an exact result.


With a punching force of 80 tons we punch holes of diameter 26mm in max. 25mm thick steel.


We mount all our products on the construction site and additionally offer a mounting service for various partners.

Surface technology

We blast, satin, polish, stain, black and varnish everything for our customers.

Portal milling

Our portal milling machine with a working area of 3000x2000x150mm (x/y/z) and a vacuum table processes all possible materials such as steel, aluminium, brass, plastics or wood. We mill outside and inside contours, engrave all imaginable patterns and writings.

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