About us

The cross between a traditional and a modern spirit.

About us

The cross between a traditional and a modern spirit.

Dorner Building GmbH is an experienced and specialised company. The focus is on quality and individuality.

Our products are all tailored to your needs, it doesn’t matter if private or business clients, we are dedicated to helping you. You, your wishes and your ideas are centric!

Dorner Building GmbH is in possession of the following certificates:

ISO 9001:2015
EN ISO 9001 defines the minimum requirements for a quality management system (QM system) that an organization must meet to be able to provide products and services that meet customer expectations and any official requirements. At the same time, the management system shall be subject to a continuous improvement process.

EN 1090-2

Durch das Vorweisen der EN 1090-2 können wir dem Auftraggeber versichern, dass durch die Anforderungen der Norm ausreichende Maßnahmen gesetzt werden, um ein qualitativ anspruchsvolles und sicheres Bauwerk zu erstellen.

By presenting the EN 1090-2 standard, we can assure the client that the requirements of the standard will provide sufficient measures to create a qualitatively demanding and safe structure.

Our team consists of 12 employees, each of them has various specializations, for example steel construction, railing construction, door, window and facades -construction, blacksmith and many more.

The satisfaction of our clients is our biggest aim. .

Dorner Building GmbH
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